NEW! Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation – First Impressions/ Review (Cruelty Free/ Vegan)

I wanted to get this up asap and share my initial thoughts on the highly anticipated new Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation. I know a lot of you are interested (as was I!) to see if it’s worth the hype, especially following the Conceal & Define Concealer‘s success back in January!

The Conceal & Define Foundation’s just launched online on the Revolution website, at (it’ll be in store at Superdrug from 19th September) and will be also coming to Ulta Beauty for those of you in the US later this month online and from 1st October in store. They’ve also dropped a supersize version of their now pretty much cult at this stage Conceal & Define concealer too, same formula etc just huge which is amazing…especially great if you use it in your pro kit!

Let’s get straight in to it anyway and find out a bit more about the affordable, drugstore foundation everyone’s talking about right now…

✖️ Available in 24 skin true shades to suit every skin type and tone.

✖️ Full coverage yet lightweight and buildable to suit any coverage need.

✖️ Oil free, creamy formula that dries down to a long wearing demi-matte finish.

✖️ Won’t settle in to fine lines or cling to dry patches, ageless formula suitable for all.

✖️ Paraben free, oil free, cruelty free and Vegan.

Sounds great right?? The Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation’s housed in a luxe glass bottle with metallic rose gold lid (it looks like a larger version of the concealer) and comes with a jumbo doe foot applicator (similar to both their concealer and the Tarte Shape Tape Foundations). I actually don’t mind a doe foot applicator at all, you’d always go on to clean skin with makeup anyway and don’t we apply concealer the exact same way anyway?! Obviously up to you though and you can apply to the back of your hand or a palette and go from there if you’d prefer (or if working on someone else in my case). The bottle looks slick and feels more spendy than it is which is great (especially as a lot of more affordable foundations scrimp on packaging) however, for someone who travels quite a bit, a lighter plastic bottle would have had the slight edge personally. But meh, it really is a non issue…the packaging and applicator look/ feel good and makes application a breeze.

I feel like Revolution have once again killed it with the inclusive shade selection…I mean it’s great work in general, but for a drugstore/ affordable brand it’s pretty damn impressive. Because the shade range is like it is, there’s room for highlighting shades for even the palest of skin tones (FYI…the C & D Concealer also comes in a pure white) and pretty decent contouring options for deep skin tones too. The C & D Foundation goes from a F0.5 – F18 with a good half dozen .5 mid shades in there and I also like how there’s a pretty well considered selection of undertones too…you’re going to find a shade (or few) that will work for you! I have shades F1 and F2, I can wear either/ both but find F1 to have the slight edge and because it is such a close match I can build up coverage without adding further colour. The shades work in the exact same way as the other revolution base products…concealers being a ‘C’ (which denotes concealer) followed by a number (which goes 0.5 lightest – 18 darkest) and foundations being an ‘F’ and again followed by a number. I feel like it’s a good way to do the shades, it makes it easier to choose your shade and takes out as much guess work as possible if you already use another Revolution base product.

Application wise…like a dream! It applies beautifully with either a damp beauty sponge (my personal preference with the majority of foundation/ concealer formulas) or blended out with a synthetic buffing brush. You get pretty full on coverage straight off the bat with a brush, but I love the control to build and the finish you get from the damp sponge. It says demi matte which I wouldn’t disagree with as such, it just leans more towards a definite matte for me. I’m not really mad at that though either…my skin’s pretty normal but I do get really oily on my nose which this so far is keeping under control perfectly and without the need to blot as often which is great news for me. I do though make sure I use a hydrating/ illuminating primer (I’ve actually been loving the PS…Pure Priming Glow Essence from Primark/ Penneys under all of my regular rotation foundations recently) everywhere else and plenty of highlight/ minimal setting powder on the rest of my face to keep a bit more glow about me (which I do really like, just not my usual oil slick of a nose!) and stop it looking too flat matte. It looks great on, I can’t really fault it there but yeah just remember to up your moisture levels and/ or go without setting powder if you have a drier skin. Just a spritz of setting/ finishing spray (there are so many that I really like, but Urban Decay* is a great place to start and I love the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It one* too!) and you’re good to go. It lasts all day too, definitely wears longer and better than the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation and is wear is comparable to a good few of my high end long wear favourites!

There’s 23ml of product which is a bit of a smaller amount compared to the average foundation size of 30ml, but considering the affordable price tag and high level of pigmented coverage…you’re only going to need small amounts. I feel like a bottle of this’ll probably last you a similar length of time. The only disadvantage really with this formula (and I haven’t really been anywhere to properly test this out in the short time I’ve been wearing it) is that it contains Silica and Titantium Dioxide which can cause ‘flashback’ or that white/ ashy cast on your skin with flash photography. It might be absolutely fine though, especially as Titanium Dioxide is one of the very last listed ingredients (so usually evident in a smaller amount) but just exercise caution if you’re likely to get your picture taken etc. For events I’d use something tried and tested anyway, but I think this a great day to day/ everyday foundation option. The Silica in it adds to the lovely smooth finish on the skin, but with it being more of a water base/ creamy feel formula I feel like it should work nicely with most primers and hence have a really good chance of working for all skin textures and types.

I can see myself reaching for the Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation often! I feel like it’s slipped in to my usual rotation of favourite base products perfectly. A little goes a long way and I’m impressed at the level of coverage yet pretty natural look and feel on the skin. Even built up it doesn’t have that mask like feel you can get with some fuller coverage foundations. Equally impressive is how it’s been controlling my often relentless nose oil (nice) and staying on and looking as fresh as it does!

Let me know what you think about the Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation!

Lyd x



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