New Urban Decay Primers and Setting Spray – First Impressions/ Review

Part of their Spring 2017 launch…Urban Decay have just released (available from Debenhams* now) a range of brand new primers and a new prep spray as well as repackaging (finally!) the rest of their cult complexion spray lineup. Not that I hated the old packaging by any means, but I’m sure you’ll agree, the old white packaging was just a makeup magnet and even being careful, ended up looking gross fast! The All Nighter*, De- Slick* and Chill* Setting Sprays now come in sleek, matte black bottles, that are going to look so much better on your vanity/ dressing table or in your makeup kit! The B6 Vitamin- Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray*, which I’m already a big fan of (read more about it here) has been repackaged too and now comes in matte lime green packaging.

Before I do a quick run through of all that Urban Decay now has to offer in the shape of their new priming range, which did I end up going for? Well, I’ve had a play with the whole lot and for my skin needs/ to work effectively along side the original setting sprays which I already used, I plumped for the new Quick Fix Hydra- Charged Prep Priming Spray* and the new De- Slick Complexion Primer*, more about those later!

So what are your options…

New Self- Adjusting Complexion Primer* – The main benefit of this one is colour correcting, although it does control shine and gives skin a soft focus effect. The texture and feel of this one is a lot different to the others, where as they have a thicker consistency, this one seems way more watery and possibly due to this just simply not being suitable for my skins needs, I just didn’t think it did much.

New Urban Defense Complexion Primer SPF30* – Although this one does prime and smooth, it’s ultimately a clear sunscreen. It’s hydrating, light and not sticky at all. I already have an SPF that I use at the moment, but would consider this one in the future. It doesn’t feel greasy, nor does it have that white cast that a lot of SPF products can have, it’s pretty much invisible, which is great!

New Optical Illusion Complexion Primer* – So this one is the one I thought I’d end up with! Again, one that I’d consider in the future, but I currently have a lot of similar products. It has a very soft, smooth consistency (feels amazing on!), illuminates, smooths pores and texture and gives you an over all real life Instagram filter effect…who wouldn’t want that?!

New De- Slick Complexion Primer* – Last but definitely not least for the primers, the one I went for and my personal favourite. It has a sheer nude formula (for even tone) which conditions the skin and gives the most perfectly smooth, beautifully perfected, shine- free with noticeably tighter pore skin finish! A little bit goes a very long way and makeup applies so well over the top. My skin is mainly combination and I do like to have a bit of a glow but without looking full on oil slick (which can happen, especially on my nose!), so this is great to use first, before highlighting products, to make sure I’m just getting the glow from them and not copious amounts of oil! I wouldn’t recommend this to any of you that have a very dry skin…I mean I doubt you would go for this one anyway, as oil wouldn’t really be a concern of yours (lucky), but it’s not going to dry your skin out further too, it feels very comfortable on. My makeup applied super smoothly over this and it definitely does make it look better/ fresher for longer and stay where it should until I take it off.

New Quick Fix Hydra- Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray* – I was so excited to try this! As you may know already and I’ve definitely mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Urban Decay’s existing prep/ setting spray range and this is no exception! Firstly, it smells incredible which is down to it containing skin loving coconut water. Even more hydrating than the B6 Spray, this can be used pre makeup or skincare, after makeup and throughout the day to perk up and refresh. The spray itself is super fine which I love and it does have an instant and actually noticeable brightening effect on the skin. I’ll even be using this to dampen my beauty blender to apply makeup and for applying pigment and more metallic eyeshadows for a more intense finish. Great for all skin types and perfect for travel, staying hydrated on the go! I’d say this is bound to gain cult status fast…everyone needs one of these great for a multitude of uses sprays in their life in my opinion!

Have you tried any of Urban Decays new priming range yet? Which is your favourite?

Lyd x



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