NEW Wet N Wild Photo Focus Collection & Other New Launches! – First Impressions/ Review/ Swatches

So as the title suggests, I recently picked up some new Wet N Wild bits and thought I’d some of share them with you as well as my first impressions/ thoughts on them so far. I’ve tried a few things from Wet N Wild before and for such an affordable brand, I’ve generally been pretty impressed! As well as affordable and good quality (in my experience for the most part), Wet N Wild is a totally cruelty free brand too.

I pick up my Wet N Wild products when I’m over in Dublin (I’m there as I write this actually…bit of useless info for you). I know those of you in the US/ Canada, elsewhere in Europe and in Ireland are going to be able to pick these bits up from most drugstore/ pharmacies (as well as Penneys/ Dunnes etc in Ireland) pretty easily…Wet N Wild isn’t as widely available in the UK as yet unfortunately, but is mostly available on Amazon so I’ll try and find the links to as many of the products I’m talking about as pos if not all!

It’s a big one and there’s quite a lot to get through, so I’m going to try and keep it to the point, need to know and plenty visual (lots of pics and swatches where possible). I’ll probably do some more in depth follow up posts on some of the products included here, if there’s any in particular you’d like me to get in to more, let me know in the comments. All products are cruelty free, some are Vegan also so I’ll include that info where that’s the case. Ok, let’s get to it!

Starting with the NEW Photo Focus Foundation* which has been doing the rounds a lot on social media/ Youtube recently and was looking forward to giving it a go! It’s available in 20 shades and tones which is great for drugstore/ affordable, although at the moment it seems to be only a select few being stocked in store but majority if not all are available on Amazon. The shade that matches me the closest is Soft Ivory* described as a light warm tone, which I generally am. (For reference I’d be a Light 43 in KVD, 1.0 in UD, MAC NC15) The packaging is pretty simple, sleek and doesn’t come with a pump instead opting for a built in spatula which I actually like. It comes in a glass bottle which generally makes it look more high end than it is and you get 30ml of product which the foundation standard. Described as ‘your skin, only better’ it has a matte, light diffusing finish and according to Wet N Wild has been tested under 7 light conditions to ensure a camera ready complexion and no flashback (that white cast that can sometimes happen with flash photography).

I’ve tried applying with both a buffing brush (I like the Morphe M439*) and a damp Beauty Blender* … it goes on well with both and gets a similar level of coverage with both. I personally tend to prefer a damp blender with most foundations, so that’s what I’ve been using with it since. Although as the case with most foundations, it can obviously be sheered out for a super light coverage but I’d say it’s a good medium to full buildable cover formula. Scent and texture wise it reminds me a bit of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear (UK* / IE*), although this one feels way lighter on the skin. It sets to a velvety matte finish pretty quickly although not so quickly that you’d need to blend in sections. If you have a very dry skin, you might want to give this is miss, but I do think that with a hydrating primer it might even work for you. I have normal/ combination skin with my nose tending to get really oily throughout the day. This has been lasting really well and even when that inevitable oil breaks through on my nose (it happens to a degree with every foundation!), it looks shiny yes but doesn’t separate or go patchy which is a big plus for me. Flashback…even doing what I do, I’m not a massive lover of the selfie, ha ha, but there wasn’t any when I did test it with the flash. I really like how it makes my skin look and I can see it being a regular rotation foundation, great anyway but the price in my opinion you can’t go wrong! I will most likely do a follow up after wearing it more!

Straight to the point with this one…if the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer* and Tarte Shape Tape Concealer had a baby, it would be Wet N Wild’s NEW Photo Focus Concealer*! I’ve used and really liked both of the others I mentioned and I love this one! So much so, after a few days use I picked up a back up! Especially in the light of NARS’ recent decision to sell in China making them no longer a cruelty free brand, I think this could be a brilliant ‘dupe’/ alternative for those of you who have loved the NARS R C Concealer and will no longer buy from them. It’s also so inexpensive compared to both! The only negative is the current shade range. There’s only 6 shades and as per always with a lot of brands (especially drugstore), although medium skin tones are pretty well catered for they could definitely do with coming out with some lighter and darker shades! I’m pale and use the lightest shade (Light Ivory) which is a good match for my skin tone, but I definitely couldn’t highlight with it. Luckily I do prefer my concealer to have a more natural match. It has a beautifully creamy and luminous finish, blends like a dream and doesn’t crease under the eyes. (I always set my under eye, but find some other concealers still crease!) Absolute winner in my opinion!

Next up, the NEW Photo Focus Pressed Powder*. I have this in 2 shades, the Warm Light (which is the lightest shade) to set makeup and I also wanted to try a darker shade as bronzer so also the shade Golden Tan. It’s available in 8 shades and I think there is pretty much one for everyone, however a lighter again and cool toned shade would be a welcome addition. It can be worn alone or over foundation as a setting/ finishing powder and has a sheer coverage with a natural satin finish. It claims to reduce shine throughout the day and again give you a flashback free, Insta filter skin. It feels so creamy to the touch and feels really light on. It doesn’t have as much radiance as the MAC MSF for example, but still doesn’t leave your skin flat and keeps it looking natural matte and perfected for hours! Used as a bronzer, it works really well! With the formula being sheer, it allows you to build colour up naturally and doesn’t look OTT when used with your contour powder too. I feel like it’ll last ages, but up to now I’d definitely repurchase and would recommend it for any skin type (dry included) looking for an inexpensive and good pressed powder!

Now for a quick nosey/ run through of all the other bits! ?

• 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Colour in the shade Condensed Milk (Currently sold out – will show up on this list when back in stock on Amazon*). It’s a ‘Best Of Beauty Allure Magazine Award Winner 2016’ which is normally a pretty good indication of a products performance. But I was interested to give it go as it boasts up to 2 weeks wear of colour and shine in one step which sounds amazing if it actually lives up to its claims! I’m so lazy with my nails, so quick and easy is important, as is longevity…chipped nails (on myself) drive me insane! I’m also (similar to my taste in lip colour) a nude or dark kind of gal, so I thought this colour would make a good everyday choice. It’s a creamy beige and a pretty flattering nude against my pale. Will report back on this one as I’ve not had chance to actually try it properly yet, but I’m hopeful and have heard good things. It comes in 27 shades, including some really unique shades and a gorgeous glossy black which I’ll definitely pick up if the formula’s a good one. Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you think!

• NEW Mega Cushion Colour Corrector in Peach (not available on Amazon 🙁 ). So many brands high end and drugstore have jumped on the Korean origin cushion style product bandwagon now and that’s not a bad thing with them being a combo of natural lightweight formula product and convenient packaging. Wet N Wild have launch these correctors, along with a cushion contour and a highlight which I have to say (although they might be just the thing for some people!) I prefer to have more intensity and pigment to a highlight or contour to allow them to be used minimally to prevent a ‘dirty’ look to the skin. The Cushion Correctors are available in 4 shades…Peach (the one I’ve been trying) for dark circles, Green for redness, Yellow for dullness and Purple for Sallowness.
The packaging is cute and comes with a little applicator pad, although handy for on the go I still prefer to use my damp blender as I felt like the pad soaked up more product. I’ve been applying this over foundation and under concealer. It is somewhat buildable but with the sheer nature of the product, it just doesn’t cover/ colour correct enough in my opinion. Maybe if you have really minimal skin discolouration it might work, but then why would you really need colour correction as well as just coverage you know? The thing I do like about the Peach Cushion, is it does brighten and gives a bit of a glow and it acts as a kind of primer for your concealer which does apply nice and smoothly over the top. I don’t think I’d repurchase this, but will definitely keep trying it with different product combos.

As well as the new cushion range, Wet N Wild have also launched a new cream stick formula range of blush, contour/ conceal and highlight. I’m not a massive wearer of blush and prefer powder contour, so it’s the NEW Megaglo Makeup Stick Highlight in the shade When The Nude Strikes (sorry – can’t find these online 🙁 ) that I’ve been putting through it’s paces. I do also prefer a powder highlight, but would go for a cream sometimes for a more natural glow and also use it as a base for powder highlight too for an extra blinding glow! It has a velvety cream to powder blendable formula and with it being a stick gives you lots of control, precision and means it’s really quick and easy to use. It does look like it has some little bits of glitter in it (which I was a bit worried about…not good for a highlight in my opinion) however, when blended out on your skin it’s more radiant dewy glow than glitter and for a cream, lasts well on the skin. Powder highlights blend beautifully over the top. I think it’s worth picking up either way.

That leads me on perfectly to the NEW Megaglow Highlighting Powders*! Wet N Wild do some of the best drugstore highlighters available in my opinion! They’re pretty blinding, so if you’re after a natural glow either use with caution ha ha or maybe go for the cream stick. All the ones I’ve used/ swatched before haven’t been glittery at all and instead give you that more wet/ dewy effect. Highly pigmented and super smooth and both of these are no exception! The first one is a new summer limited edition called The Sweetest Bling (Available in store). There’s 2 summer dual tone limited editions (the other one is a lilac with a silvery centre) and this one is a cool toned pink with a warm champagne pink centre, so pretty. You can use the colours separately or swirl them together, they work well as eyeshadow too. I don’t often go for pink on my cheeks or blush in general most of the time, but a bit of this looks unreal on a bronzed and contoured skin as highlight and I actually like it built up a bit as blush too. Such a versatile level of glow can be achieved with this. If you’re looking for a majestic unicorn esq highlight (cool pink alone) or just a strong glow, neutral with a hint of pink (swirled together or centre alone) this one’s for you!

Hard to pick, but I think this one is my favourite of the 2! This is one of 2 new shades of permanent (staying in line) Megaglow Highlighting Powder called Precious Petals*. It’s a stunning light rose gold. The other shade Crown of My Canopy* would look incredible on any medium – deep skin tones, but too dark for me to use as highlight unfortunately and would be more of a shimmery peach bronzer on a paler skin. Even Precious Petals is a tad on the deeper side of highlight shade for a pale skin, but I love the way it adds a pale friendly sun kissed look coming in to the summer (even if it is raining like it is here today!). This would be great on absolutely any skin tone and for that reason, grab one when you see one! I feel like out of everything, this is going to be one of those products that flies out of the store every time its stocked!


On to liquid lipstick in the shape of their NEW Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick*. Available in 13 shades, I’ve been trialing the shade Nudie Patootie* a light beige brown nude. I’d recommend swatching these if you’re near a store or searching on Instagram/ Youtube etc for swatches of the shade you fancy because I did notice that some did swatch a little patchy. This one doesn’t though, I’m seriously impressed with it! They remind me so much of the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks…the packaging, the applicator, even the application and finish but about a third of the price! It applies on the lips with a soft sheen and sets (takes about 2 mins) to a highlighly pigmented matte finish. It’s lightweight, comfortable on and doesn’t dry out your lips! It’s a great nude on my pale skin tone, but get some lipliner on with it to adapt the colour and i think it could work on anyone.

Last but definitely not least…I’m notoriously fussy with mascara, it has the power to make or break a makeup in seconds! Who else has been really feeling their makeup only to apply a rubbish mascara that wrecks all your hard work and disappoints you to the core (dramatic af ha ha), grrr so annoying! The mascara formula is one thing, but it’s the brush that makes the most difference to me and I usually hate plastic moulded applicators in favour of a big fluffy bristle brush. This mascara is actually changing my mind! The Lash Renegade Mascara in Brazen Black* has such an unusual shaped moulded wand and I was wary of it at first, but it’s so good! The longer part of the brush defines, lengthens and curls while the ‘ball’ tip part adds extra volume with precision and control and allows you to ’style’ and really shape your lashes. The brush makes sure every single lash is coating and the formula is smudge proof, ophthalmologist tested and buildable. It’s a great all rounder and amazing for the price! I’ll be stocking up on this!

Wet N Wild seem to be doing a lot right at the moment! Cruelty free (many things Vegan), affordable and amazing choice and quality. Will look forward to seeing what the come out with next!

Lyd x



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2 thoughts on “NEW Wet N Wild Photo Focus Collection & Other New Launches! – First Impressions/ Review/ Swatches

  1. Hey!

    Awesome review, I really wanna try this one, but like most unsure of my shade & being in the UK i cant swatch it!

    If you’re Light 43 in KVD, 1.0 in UD, NC15 in MAC, what are you in Estee Lauder Double Wear? This may also confirm my KVD shade haha!


  2. Hey!

    Thank you! And thanks for reading 🙂

    Like I say above, I get to swatch and pick my Wet N Wild stuff up when over in Ireland which is great but it definitely needs to come to the UK/ become readily available over here! So many good products! And I hate when you can’t swatch things ha ha.

    Yes, so Estee Lauder Double Wear…I’m either 1W1 Bone or 1N1 Nude Ivory. Bone is just a bit more golden/ Nude Ivory neutral but I can wear either and both are a pretty spot on match.

    There’s no Double Wear swatches, but there’s swatches of the others including the Wet N Wild on my Huda Faux Filter post which might help, will link…

    Hope this helps (give me a shout again if you need more info/ comparisons) and gives you more of an idea about your KVD match too haha!


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