No Foundation Crew…Tips And Tricks For A Flawless Face Without Foundation! – How To! (Cruelty Free)

I’m very much a part time member of the no foundation crew…I love foundation (you probably know this by now!) and what it can do, but there are days when my face just longs for freedom! I’m pretty happy to go without and be seen out in public fully makeup free, but sometimes you just want a bit of something quick without going full face. You might not like the look or feel of foundation on your skin or maybe you just can’t be bothered with that step in your routine…it’s personal preference/ choice and whatever the reason for you not wearing foundation or wanting to move away from wearing it, hopefully this’ll give you some inspo for those no foundation crew times!

First things first…skincare! Looking after your skin is super important anyway, but especially if you don’t want to wear foundation/ a full base and still want your skin to look it’s best…a good skincare routine is essential! It’ll make sure your face still looks perfected and polished with minimal product needed. Obviously everyone’s skin and skincare needs are different, it’s trial and error but a bit of clever research and finding some kick ass products that work for you will make the world of difference!
Whatever you choose and whatever works for you, roll with it but then there’re a few things that I’d recommend that would benefit everyone!

✖An ACID TONER – If you add one thing to your skincare routine, let it be one of these! I’ve spoken about my love for a good acid toner before, specifically the Pixi Glow Tonic* (read more about that one here) which I’m long time obsessed with. I tend to use that one in the morning and then something a bit stronger at night…I’m really liking The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution*. They improve your skin texture over time, exfoliate, brighten…all the things to make your skin look it’s radiant best! These are brilliant, affordable options and suitable for the majority of skin types and all ages. Both of my favourite acid toners are also cruelty free (of course) and Vegan too! ????????

* Check out Caroline Hirons (Skin care Guru and all round fountain of knowledge for all things skin!) ’Top 10: Acid Toners’ blogpost for info about other options and what different strengths and types of acid can do for your skin!

✖A WEEKLY MASK – or more often if you can! Obviously you don’t want to over load your skin and always choose the right masks for your skin type/ concerns, but I try and do a face mask whenever I can. It’s a great chance to take a breather in general and hit the recharge button for your face! A good mask will give your skin a boost and can give you a moisture hit, clear out pores, rid you of excess oil…whatever you need. I’m a big sheet mask fan…so handy, you can even do your eye makeup while wearing one to save time if you’re needing to look fresh but get ready fast with no need to rinse.

Lush do some great masks…I like using their Mask Of Magnaminty if I’m having a breakout and will follow it with something calming like their FOMO Jelly Mask which contains camomile to soothe and settle the skin. Both are cruelty free and FOMO is also Vegan. 7th Heaven* do a great range of cruelty free (many Vegan) and extremely affordable mask options too!

✖SPF – I don’t really need to say much about this…especially if you’re using acid toners (only downside…they can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun) but in general to prevent premature ageing of your skin (and worse!)…it’s vital to protect yourself from sun damage, end of!

Adding a few simple steps like these can make a whole load of difference to your skin!

Just because you’ve chosen not to wear foundation, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to wear any other makeup at all…nor does it mean you’re any less of a makeup junkie and connoisseur who wants the rest of everything else to look great and stay put!

I say…don’t forget to prime! If you wear eye makeup or even if you don’t, an eye primer is essential in my opinion. It’ll even out the tone in your lids (with eye makeup or without), create a blank canvas to make your shadows pop and keep everything in place. The Urban Decay Primer Potions (UK* / IE*) are great and I love the shade Eden (UK* / IE*)…it keeps shadow in place all day and is tinted so gets rid or any redness and instantly makes you look more awake. If you prefer a creamer consistency or are looking for a cruelty free dupe for the MAC Paint Pots…NABLA and Revolution Pro do some great (affordable and cruelty free) alternatives.

Obviously if you don’t want to wear a primer on your skin, don’t…but even if it’s not priming for foundation it can prime for other things you do wear. You can get primers with built in SPF, to even out texture and tone, to hydrate or control oil…there’s loads of uses, whatever you skin concerns and even if following it with foundation isn’t your thing. I normally use the Kat Von D Lock It Hydrating Primer (UK* / IE*) if I’m wearing foundation to hydrate and give my makeup something to stick to…and then if I’m NFC (no foundation crew) that day, I like to use the Becca Backlight Priming Filter* which still gives my concealer etc some grip and staying power…but also a healthy glow!

Choose your concealer wisely! So you don’t wear foundation, but you might still want to get your coverage elsewhere. As a member of the NFC, the right concealer can be your best friend and hide the bits you want to hide without having to go full face coverage.

If you wear foundation, it’s so much easier to blend any concealer formula it to it and make it look seamless. If you don’t wear foundation and choose something that varies too much from the look of skin (eg. something super matte or extreme full coverage), it can be a lot trickier to make it look natural and perfectly blended. When just wearing concealer, it’s best to go for something medium to full coverage (a formula you can build) and long wearing but with a more natural matte finish (equally something too creamy/ dewy can look unnatural and can not give you as long in terms of wear time).

One of my favourite formulas at the moment has to be the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer…in case you’ve missed it, I have a dedicated blogpost all about this one here if you want to find out the specifics/ see swatches. It gives great coverage both under the eyes and on minor blemishes (I’d maybe switch to Tarte Shape Tape which has a bit more coverage again if I had a stubborn monster spot though!), has a natural matte finish and once you set it, lasts the whole day. With it’s smooth, creamy consistency…it blends in to your skin perfectly, especially with a damp beauty blender (I like the NYX one*). It really presses the concealer in to your skin and means you don’t have any obvious edges but still get the coverage you want.

I always set my concealer with powder, foundation or not. I usually use a finer, brightening powder to set my eye area and avoid creasing. The Kat Von D Lock It Brightening powder in the shade Petal (UK* / IE*) works wonders and has been my go to for ages now…it’s tinted (peachy pink) to help counteract dark shadows further and has the smoothest, lightest texture which never looks cakey.

Now at this stage you can just set any specific areas (eg. blemishes and small areas/ everywhere you’ve applied your concealer) if you want, but even when I’m not wearing foundation I’ll still dust over my full face with a bit of powder and I’ll tell you why…

By using a little powder all over, it sets your concealer sure…but also blots any oil and gives any other powders (like bronzer, blush and highlighters) something to blend smoothly on to. If your powder products are blended on to bare skin (which can often be a little tacky/ uneven by nature…even if your skin looks perfect) it can sometimes make them go patchy and uneven, especially bronzer and blush. Highlight actually applies pretty nicely over bare skin (that natural skin tack allows the highlighter to stick and can even intensify your glow…you know a bit like how using a setting spray to dampen your brush first would?) so if you’d rather not use powder all over, just use a tiny bit under your cheekbones (which is the main bronze/ blush/ contour area) and see how much smoother everything applies!

Last but not least for your products…get yourself in the habit of using a setting/ finishing spray. It sets anything you do apply, refresh your skin and give you glow or keep you matte. You can also use them to apply shadow, pigments and glitter for a more metallic finish and to dampen your blender if you’re nowhere near a sink. There’s a few I go back to time and time again…

✖Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Setting Mist (UK* / IE*) – is my all kinds of everything go to. I use this one the most!

✖Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray (UK* / IE*) – is great is your skin’s oily/ combo and you prefer to stay matte.

Pixi Glow Mist* – is great if your skin’s on the drier side or if you like your skin to have more of a glow.

There’s no set rules or specific makeup products you have to wear to look polished and put together. If foundation isn’t your thing…don’t wear it, simple as that! More and more of us are becoming NFC altogether, or part time like me. It’s good to see skin sometimes and to save yourself the extra step in your routine. I like having the option of both.

If you’re looking for more No Foundation Crew Inspo and you don’t already, I’d definitely recommend to go follow @jkissamakeup on Instagram (she also has a YouTube channel). As well as beautiful makeup looks (she rocks colour like no one else!), she’s a super positive person/ but honest with it, cruelty free and is no foundation crew too!

What are your thoughts about foundation…like, no like? Would love to know what you think!

Lyd x



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