NYX Epic Ink Liner Review & Swatches

One of my long time favourite, can’t live without makeup products that I use daily (or at least on makeup wearing days) is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper* (read more about it here). In my opinion I think it’s a brilliant liner and well worth the price point in terms of pigmentation, how long it lasts etc. I wasn’t looking to find a ‘dupe’ or anything like that, I just really like that type of brush tip liner and when I saw that NYX had come out with their own version, I was interested to give it a go. Yes to see how it compared and if it would work for those of you looking for a more affordable dupe but mainly to see how it performs in it’s own right! NYX in general are one of my favourite affordable/ drugstore brands. Cruelty free, high quality products that don’t break the bank if you fancy experimenting with colour!

Like I mentioned before, the NYX Epic Ink Liner* is very similar to the Tattoo Liner in the sense that the applicator lip is a super flexible, fine brush tip. It also boasts a waterproof formula, although I always reserve judgement on that until I’ve at least worn it for a full hectic day of makeup and/ or a soggy dog walk ha ha. I don’t tend to wear makeup to the gym either (I’ve just started back after so long away, eek!) normally, but if I have something waterproof to test, I figure it’s the best place to put it through it’s paces!

I do use gel liner in my professional kit (I’m yet to find anything that beats the pigmentation and staying power of the Inglot 77 AMC Gel Liner (UK / IE) and do use it on myself, more so in my waterline/ tightline though. Day to day and on myself, I love the ease and speed of a brush tipped pen! The NYX Epic Ink Liner is fine, flexible and applies well either for a really fine line or a thicker one depending on the pressure you use. It’s that fine tip that gives you control and the product itself flows smoothly, so doesn’t snag on your skin or ball up and leave you with gaps. Here’s a swatch/ swatch comparison next to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner…

The NYX Epic Liner* is a great choice for pro’s and beginners alike. It allows you precise application with relative ease and is a great price if you’re after a more affordable version in general or if you want to try out this type of fine brush applicator before shelling out for a higher end one. Although the NYX Epic does apply to a pigmented definite black, the Kat Von D liner is more pigmented still. It’s nothing you’d really notice once it’s applied though. I think you can see the slight difference from the swatches. You can get a really fine tapered wing with the NYX Epic, which is how I like it and it does stay on all day. I can see more wear on this towards the end of the day than the KVD (which is pretty life proof no matter what!) with a tiny bit of fading, but in fairness it is very slight. Waterproof? It’s at least smudge proof and survives gym, the hot weather we’ve had in the UK and Ireland recently and although it removes fairly easily, it does take a proper dual phase eye makeup remover to get it gone properly as apposed to a micellar water cleanser. I haven’t been swimming in it and am unlikely too ha ha, but it lasts where it matters which I’m actually really impressed with! Would I repurchase it? Realistically, probably not any time soon as I’m stocked up with my trusty Tattoo Liner, but who knows if I was in a pinch and needed to grab a alternative from the drugstore and fast this would be my first choice. I am going to continue using this until it dries out and would definitely recommend it if you’re on the hunt for an affordable Tattoo Liner alternative!

The NYX Epic Ink Liner is available now from Cult Beauty*.

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4 thoughts on “NYX Epic Ink Liner Review & Swatches

  1. So excited to try this! I swatched ever pen liner in Boots on my hand and then scrubbed it as hard as I could with soap and water and was amazed that this hadn’t budged on bit. Bought it the next day and am about to put it to the test, hopefully this is the end of me having my liner running with the slightest tear!

    1. Yes!!…let me know how you get on! I have hope for you as my eyes (well, one of them ugh) are so watery and it survives \o/ I noticed it comes in brown now, tempted to give that a go too for softer makeup days 🙂

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