Perfect Autumn Eye Palette (…and perfect if you want, but keep missing out on the Morphe 35O!)

As it’s now officially Autumn, I thought I’d show you one of my favourite and most used eyeshadow palettes, especially perfect for this time of year when eyes get just that bit warmer, darker and more sultry. Maybe you’re like me and this is pretty much your all year round go to kind of palette/ eye look of choice! Clients, friends and everyone else trying to get hold of the coveted Morphe 35O palette, (which is totally beautiful and probably one of my most used and loved also, however forever sold out!) rejoice and grab yourself one of these little beauties!


The little beauty in question is the Morphe 12NB (Natural Beauty) palette. A compact, lightweight palette, containing 12 (you could have probably guessed that from the name) gorgeous nude, neutral and warm eyeshadows. A mini 35O palette if you will! There’s a good mixture of matte, satin and metallic textures and a great range of shades, so no matter what you’re in to, natural everyday or sultry and smoky, it allows you to create a multitude of eye looks from the one palette. Morphe shadows, are well known and loved for being super pigmented, silky smooth and really easy to blend and this is definitely the case here too. Amazing quality with the affordable Morphe price tag, you can’t go wrong.


A convenient, sleek and beautiful little palette that’ll see you through Autumn, Winter and beyond. Perfect and flattering for all eye colours, but the warm, velvety shades of bronze, rust and chocolate particularly lend themselves to anyone with blue or green/ hazel eyes, it will really make them pop! The Morphe 12NB palette is ultra wearable, unusually for an eyeshadow palette, there’s no shade really that you wouldn’t find a use for. It makes a great travel buddy as the darker matte shades can be used to contour and the lighter, more metalic shades to highlight the face also. If you’re struggling to find the Morphe 35O, or are just looking for a versatile, affordable and universally flattering shadow palette, check it out!

The Morphe 12NB palette is available at Beauty Chamber or Cocktail Cosmetics.

Lyd x

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