Primark PS Pure Priming Glow Essence – Obsessed…Get This Before It’s Gone!

Short but sweet this week and you could say more public service announcement than blogpost review! Every now and then Primark/ Penney’s launches something that everyone goes crazy for, it annoyingly sells out across the land and becomes the next obsession…this is just that! I was already thinking along those lines after using it myself, but especially now after just trying to pick one up for a friend (you know Déarbhla) and the stand has been cleared out already…if you spot it, grab it! I’m talking about the PS…Pure Priming Glow Essence. It’s part of the new PS…Pure Beauty Collection which is all about rehydration and getting your glow back after the summer heat (which we actually had here in the UK/ Ireland for once too!). The collection also has an eye palette, face palette, lip products, pressed highlighters and highlighting drops as well as this (Priming Glow Essence) which I’d say was more skincare/ hybrid rather than purely a makeup product. Looking at both product selection and the packaging, its pretty easy to see where Primark may have got their inspo from for this collection…I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one!

The PS…Pure collection on a whole looks pretty and things I’ve tried/ swatched have been pigmented and great quality for such an affordable price point (I feel Primark in general has worked hard on improving formulas/ quality recently)…but the Priming Glow Essence in very much the stand out product to me! I initially picked it up out of curiosity as it reminded me (bottle/ colour/ name even etc) so much of the Farsáli Unicorn Essence* which I also do like, but is significantly more spendy than Primark’s version! It has a similar soft candy scent (you can’t smell it once it’s on for fellow smell sensitive) and preforms comparably if not better for me on my combo skin! It hydrates, doesn’t feel oily (it actually feels more serum than oil or other), gives the softest most healthy glow (no glitter in sight) and makeup applies beautifully over the top. There’s just enough ‘tack’ to act as a makeup magnet, but just has it sitting super nicely over the top. I does feel like it gives extra wear, but it just makes your makeup look fresher for longer too. It’s a brilliant base for those no foundation crew among us too…while it’s been really warm/ on days off, I’ve been applying spf as normal, then this and just spot concealing where needed which it works great for too!

Not only are Primark/ Penney’s continuing to impress with product launches at the moment…(as you all probably know by now…my blog’s now a 100% cruelty free zone which I’m very proud of and this is why this next nugget of info means so much to me!)…as of 11th July 2018 Primark has been awarded Leaping Bunny status by Cruelty Free International. All Primark own brand (the entire Primark PS… range) makeup, skin care and hair care products are certified cruelty free. This’ an amazing achievement for Primark! Leaping Bunny status is by no means an easy straight forward process, it’s time intensive at the best of times but Primark (being all about the latest trends, affordable products that deliver just as well as spendier alternatives and now guaranteed cruelty free) have had over 2,500 products and over 7,000 individual ingredients verified!! AMAZING work Primark! I’ll link their official statement here if you want to take a look.

So yeah, don’t waste time pondering the PS…Pure Priming Glow Essence! It’s so similar to the Farsáli Unicorn Essence*, so a great affordable alternative if you can’t/ don’t want to spend on that and just a really good priming and glow giving option in it’s own right. If not already, I do feel like this is going to be one of those sell out gold dust type products so grab it while you can!

Lyd x



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