Primer Focus…The Ordinary – Feat. High Spreadability Fluid Primer and High Adherence Silicone Primer

I feel like even if you you haven’t tried anything from the the brand, you’ll at least have heard of The Ordinary. The skincare brand (and soon to be launching Ordinary Colour…yes you read right, makeup, can’t wait for that!) from umbrella company DECIEM (they’re also responsible for other cult and core brands like Hylamide and NIOD) has been creating waves in the beauty and skincare world.
The Ordinary is all about ‘clinical formulations with integrity’. Basically they offer effective and familiar skincare technologies at affordable prices. With their paired back packaging, The Ordinary are on top of the functional beauty game. Their products contain no nasties (e.g.. mineral oil, parabens etc) and are cruelty free and Vegan. Read more about the brand and their whole product range here

I’ve used some of their skincare products before and so far so impressed! So when I heard that The Ordinary had come out with new primers, I had to pick them up and have been testing them both out for a while. I think especially with skin/ base products, you need to give them a fair go/ time to test them properly. So, here’s the all important product info as well as my thoughts on each!

The Ordinary – High Adherence Silicone Primer 30ml* (UPDATE – It’s sold out right now, should be back in stock soon!)
High Adherence Blurring Surface Smoother and Primer

Things you need to know:
• Water/ Silicone hybrid emulsion
• Alcohol free
• Oil free
• Nut Free (I didn’t really consider this before, but it’s good to know!)
• Cruelty free
• Vegan

About/ claims:
Uses advanced adaptive silicones to mattify, hydrate and blur imperfections in the skin. Reduces the look of pores. It can be used as primer or alone as a non greasy hydrator/ to even skin texture and tone. Makeup adheres to it effectively for longer wear and makeup (and skin if used alone) that looks higher definition.

This one comes in a sleek, no nonsense plastic tube. Secure, but lightweight so great for travel. It has a kind of white gel cream look to the formula and feels lighter than expected. As you apply it to your face, you can definitely feel that it contains silicone…you can feel your skin turning velvety smooth and silky to the touch and looking at your skin, it does look noticeably smoother and blurred. It dries down almost instantaneously, I was expecting a tackier feel with this one, especially with the mention of adherence in the name, which for a primer is obviously what you want but many others of a similar description do have that more tacky feel. Makeup applies really well over the top of this primer, even using a buffing brush it doesn’t ball up which other smoothing/ pore filling primers can and using a beauty blender it goes on beautifully too. You only need to use a small pea sized amount.

Having combination skin (my nose can get so oily!) I was hoping this one would control my oil and it does. I’ll always get a bit of oil breakthrough throughout the day that’s just my skin, but this kept me looking matte for longer, but not flat! My makeup stays looking fresher for longer too and this minimised wear around my nose area which can happen with most primers/ base products.

In my opinion this one would be best suited to normal to oily skin types. If you had dry skin, it would absolutely do it’s thing and keep your makeup in place I’m sure, but, I don’t think it would give you enough hydration and glow and you might prefer the next one!

The Ordinary – High Spreadability Fluid Primer 30ml* (UPDATE – It’s also sold out right now, should be back in stock soon!)
Spreadability Enhancing Lightweight Surface Smoother and Primer with High Flexibility Silicones

Things you need to know:
• Silicone based serum like formula
• Water Free
• Alcohol free
• Oil free
• Nut free
• Cruelty free
• Vegan

About/ claims:
New generation, lightweight serum like formula. Acts as a light, non oily hydrator for a naturally dewy glow. Increases the spreadability of makeup for a smooth application and to avoid build up of product in dryer areas. Smooths over dry areas.

I really like the packaging of this one. Although the plastic tube of the other is light and easy to travel with, this one’s still pretty simple, but I love the dropper applicator! I thought this one would look a lot more fluid than it does, but although it’s a clear formula it’s pretty gloopy (well that’s a horrible word, ha ha) and thick. A little bit goes a long way with this though, I’ve been using about 2 drops for my whole face! It smooths on to the skin nicely and doesn’t dry down straight away like the other. It stays tackier (not uncomfortable though) and you can feel the silicone slip from it. Your skin feels hydrated and makeup blends on like a dream over this! Although it’s oil free, it has a similar result (how your skin feels/ makeup applies) and feels a lot like the pre makeup facial oils that you see all over Instagram now. Makeup applies so smoothly over the this and I feel like although not as long as the first primer and even with my oily nose, makeup does still last pretty well. I think if it’s longevity you’re after though, go for the first one. The purpose of this one is more so to make skin a smooth canvas and it definitely does that. Perfect for drier skins, I really like the way this gives more of natural dewy glow to any skin type too!

I do like both, but for different uses. I’ve tried using them together a few times too which I do quite a bit with primers in general, so I’ve used the High Adherence Primer on my oily nose/ chin area for staying power and oil control and the High Spreadability Primer everywhere else for glow. It works really well! Obviously if you find a single primer you love and that works for you, perfect, but don’t be afraid of mixing primers and using different ones to suit the needs of different parts of your face…your skin/ makeup will thank you for it!

Shop The Ordinary skincare and primers*.

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