Pro Tips To Mask Proof Your Makeup

Well this is a post I didn’t really think I’d be writing, but it’s 2020 and here we are. Whether you’re a health professional/ key frontline worker of some sort and wearing full PPE, needing to wear a mask for work or just wearing a face covering for shopping/ public transport and want to give your makeup the best chance of surviving underneath…you’re in the right place!       

The less product there is, the less there is to wear off – sounds pretty obvious right but worth remembering straight off the bat. Even if minimal makeup isn’t your thing, think about using a few carefully placed thin layers (extra just where you need it) of product rather than just more product in general everywhere.

Ditch primers, setting sprays are your friend – it’s just an extra layer you don’t need under a mask. Skin care’s obviously important, so skin care routine as normal/ appropriate for your skin type and instead of going in with primer, post skincare give your face a good spritz of your favourite setting spray before base. This’ll give your makeup grip without being an obvious layer and will work towards keeping your skin balanced and hydrated all day. Use between cream and powder products for extra staying power, at the end to mesh everything nicely together/ set and throughout the day to freshen up if needed too. Important to note: try and avoid any overly glow giving/ oil infused sprays which are going to be too slippy and encourage transfer which we don’t want!

Opt for long wearing, fuller coverage formulas – ok hear me out, I was just saying to use minimal product I know but that hasn’t changed! If you’d normally go for a lightweight moisturising tint, BB cream or something normally listen up…while things like that might make your skin look great on an everyday basis and serve their purpose for every day wear, under a mask these kind of formulas are just not going to hold up as they normally would. Even use your favourite everywhere your mask isn’t if you want to but by using a tiny amount of something long wearing/ fuller coverage, it’s going to give you the natural finish you’re used to but with more staying power and way less transfer. If you do prefer more coverage or want to add a bit more, it’s easier to do it with a formula like this to keep base minimal rather than attempt to apply multiple layers of something lightweight that’ll likely transfer anyway.

Choose a powder with coverage – if you want something quick and natural/ have oilier skin this might be in the form of a powder foundation, you can wear this alone for a fast evened out matte base. If you prefer using a liquid foundation/ concealer, it’ll set your base and prevent transfer to your mask but something with coverage also works really well to buff away any patchiness/ blot any oil/ touch up through out the day too. I’ve been really liking the Milani Conceal And Perfect Shine Proof Powder* alone or over liquids and creams.

Go for lip balms, stains and even liquid lipstick – over traditional creamy lipsticks and gloss, they’re just not going to survive mask wear. I’m not the biggest fan of anything more than a balm day to day on my own lips anyway (hydration > colour for me) and especially if I’m going to be wearing a mask but if you don’t feel ready without a lip on, these are the formulas you’ll want to stick to. Balms do wear off, but provide hydration and are easily topped up liberally whenever. I’m never without a tube of the OG Dr Pawpaw balm in my bag and they come in a range of tinted shades too. Stains are great because they’ll give you colour without any texture to transfer. My only issue with stains is I always find there isn’t as much choice when it comes to shades so with there being way more shades on offer, if you’re struggling to find a stain go for a liquid lipstick in a shade you like instead. Obviously you can wear them full liquid lipstick style, but they look really pretty just minimally patted on to the lips too. It gives you a diffused colour you want that acts more like a stain. They don’t dry as much wearing them this way too. Lime Crime* formula/ shades are among my favourites and I really like Melt Cosmetics liquid formula* for comfort too. You can use a brush to buff it on but I’d just pat it on with my finger, easy and will stay put.       

Play up your eyes – which is what I prefer to do anyway, but concentrating on eyes and brows will make you look and feel more put together regardless of what’s going on under your mask. It’s going to stay on too. Express yourself with your eyeballs.  

Goes without saying you absolutely don’t have to wear makeup under your mask (or at all in general) if you don’t want to/ it’s not your thing (I don’t always, just depends what I’m doing) but considering the title, these few quick tips are obviously for those of you that do and hope it helps! In terms of masks in public places, wearing is caring as well as a legal requirement in certain situations. Do yourself and others a favour and wear one.

What are the mask wearing rules like where you’re from?  

Lyd x  



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