Rate It Or Hate It? – The Silisponge

The silicone ‘sponge’ that’s doing the internet rounds at the moment…what’s it all about and does it live up to the hype?

It was Hong Kong based indie brand Molly Cosmetics that first came up with the idea of the ’Silisponge’ which was then discovered by Reddit users and has since been replicated by many other brands, similar to the way the Beauty Blender has been.

The inner material of these sponges is generally made from silicone and the outer shell from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is a flexible plastic that’s resistant to oil. The idea of the Silisponge is because of this oil resistant coating, the makeup will adhere to your face not the tool, not absorbing any of the product, therefore less waste.

The OG Molly Cosmetics version of this sponge has proved pretty impossible to get hold of! Currently sold out online and I believe they’ve actually restocked several times since launch too, so good or not, it’s proving popular! I’ve heard such mixed reviews so had to get one and try it for myself! The one I found and have tried is ‘The Perfect Weapon’ Silicone Gel Applicator from Violet Voss. With there appearing to be no difference at all between brands, this is more like my thoughts on silicone sponges in general!

So, hailed as a ‘game changer’ and promising to use half or less of your typical amount of foundation and never waste product again…did it live up to the claims? Reading the information on the Molly Cosmetics website, the silisponges are designed more so as an applicator of product rather than a blender as such. ‘Ideal for people who don’t like messy fingers during makeup’. It explains that you should use half the product you would normally use and initially use it to spread the foundation over your skin, before patting it in. It then says how ‘final blending can always be finished with a brush or usual sponge’, stating the advantage to this is that your regular tools would therefore last a lot longer. It’s that bit that I’m not so sure about!

Anyway…plus points:
★ It doesn’t soak up any makeup at all and you do use a lot less foundation as a result.
★ It’s super quick and easy to clean. As a working Makeup Artist, in theory this would be perfect to use on clients/ models being able to quickly sanitise between uses.

Unfortunately, I’ve struggled to find any more than that! I don’t tend to talk a lot about things I don’t like/ negatively about things much…not for any reason other than I prefer to focus my energy on writing about stuff that’s worth trying and I’m not bashing, it’s just not me. I do think it’s important to give an honest review though and for me, the silisponge just didn’t cut it! I’ve tried to like it and tried to make it work and with a variety of different foundations as well as powder and underwhelmed is probably the only word for how I feel about it bar disappointed.

For me, it’s no more than a glorified spatula. Considering it’s suggested that you can always finish the makeup application with a brush or usual sponge, I just don’t see the point. I didn’t like the feel of using it or it on my skin and couldn’t wait to get my brush or regular Beauty Blender on it after. I’d personally rather use either of those and use slightly more foundation doing so, than just have the product sit on top of my skin. The initial suggested spreading of foundation just made it sit on every fine hair/ pore and crevice and the patting motion just seemed to move it around rather than blend it at all! The shape of the sponge itself is also pretty awkward and it’s difficult to get in effectively around your nose and eyes.

I’m not saying a Silisponge won’t work for anyone, just definitely not me. I’d rather spend a few extra £/ €/ $ and pick up a buffing brush or regular beauty sponge. False economy at it’s finest unfortunately and it’s a big old meh! from me. Safe to say I won’t be repurchasing or reusing. If you are curious and want to try it for yourself, get it here and if it’s worked for you and you love it, let me know!!

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