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Cult US brand (HQ is in Hollywood, CA) GLAMGLOW, most known for their ‘facial in a jar’ mud masks have been around since 2010 (exclusively for backstage/ professional use in Hollywood’s entertainment industry initially) and available for retail stockists since 2011. Instagram has played a huge part in it’s popularity…we’ve probably all seen their famous metallic silver peel off mask (Gravityrmud) in action at this stage! I’ve been using the black Youthmud Treatment for a while now and although it is more of a splurge/ luxe product, it is totally worth it in my opinion. It makes my skin feel so good and you only need to use a small amount, so a pot lasts ages!

Anyway mud masks aside, GLAMGLOW also have a range of cleansers, moisturisers, setting sprays (very interested to try these at some point!) and lip care products. It was one of their lip products in particular that grabbed my attention and that I’m talking about today…the Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment. That’s right, a MATTE lip plumper! I’ve tried so many different lip plumping products over the years but never a matte one and considering that I do prefer a matte finish from my other lip products, I was interested to give this one a go! I haven’t got super thin lips, nothing I can’t ’naturally exaggerate’ with a bit of clever makeup application (I might do a separate blog post on this if anyone’s interested?? – let me know in the comments!) and I’m ok with the shape. My reason for trying plumping lip products is more so just to make the most of what’s there already and create a hydrated, smooth and slightly more defined natural base.

GLAMGLOW say – ‘Instantly plump, prime and perfect lips with a sexy sizzle for a perfect pout’, ‘features an innovative matte formula that primes lips to create the perfect canvas for lip colour for long lasting smooth colour application’ and ‘can be worn alone or under colour’.

Let’s start with the packaging. So it comes in regular outer packaging box, nothing unusual there and the product itself is housed in a sleek metallic tube with a wand applicator. You have to twist the cap on the tube to reveal the applicator wand (which you then just pull out and click back in to place once you’re finished), bar a bit of confusion for the first time you open it, ha ha, I really like the different design and it actually means the product is way more securely closed and unlikely to leak…always good!

I wasn’t too sure about the applicator at first…I’m still not. The shape of it kind of works, I can see how the hole in the middle allows the product to distribute and the precision of the pointed tip to get around every contour of your lips. The thing I’m not really sold on it the thin texture of the tip. I can’t help but feel that something that shaped but maybe with a bit more padding/ or a doe foot applicator feel would work better in terms of almost massaging the product in rather than just smearing it around and this one seems to. It always leaves me needing to press my lips together to get the product to sink in more. I can’t find any further info as to why it’s designed this way, maybe it wastes less product?

So yeah, apart from the slight change to the applicator (which in my opinion would mean a smoother application still) it actually goes on smoothly and is almost like a thin cream consistency. It has a spearmint menthol scent and is instantly very tingly (it actually has a warning on the outer box regarding this). Most plumpers have a degree of tingle but this is towards the more extreme end of tingle, so if you’re put off by that, this might not be the plumper for you! I personally don’t actually mind it (it feels likes it’s doing more, which it may or may not but it feels that way!) but what I would say is just avoid licking your lips until it sinks in or getting in inside your mouth or on your hand that might go near your eyes…common sense people.

It does have a slight sheen to it initially, but does settle to a nearly matte finish. It also doesn’t alter the look of any matte lip products/ liquid lipsticks when applied over it. I’ll include before and after pics bellow…I’m not convinced this plumps a huge deal, but then I never feel like plumpers do really and in my opinion this one is one of the most plumping products I have tried in fairness. What this does brilliantly though is it hydrates, smooths and defines the natural lip contours which makes lipstick application over it easier/ smoother and because my lips are naturally pale, it just makes them look more prominent and defined which I like when I wear it alone. I think this does do what it claims to. I don’t think any safe plumping lip product would give you the same effect as actual fillers and if that’s the route you want to take yourself, you do you of course! Personally I just like that this, along with that clever makeup application I mentioned before is a very welcome lip boosting temporary measure, that gives me the option to change the look of my lips safely, easily and leaves you more money to spend on makeup ?

The GLAMGLOW Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment is available now

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