Review & Swatches – Ofra Cosmetics Blush Stripes Illuminating Highlighter

Can we just take a moment to appreciate BeautyBay’s efforts when it comes to them bringing us, to the UK/Europe cult, hard to find/US brands. Their latest Stateside offering comes in the shape of Ofra Cosmetics* makeup and I couldn’t be more pleased…it’s been a long time coming! Hopefully an extended range and skincare will follow now!

Ofra Cosmetics is a US brand produced and based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is the brainchild of Ofra Gaito, an experienced Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist and her husband David. This was in the mid 1990’s and today, Ofra is a globally recognised name in the professional beauty and makeup industry, favourite of Makeup Artists and Celebrities alike as well as being one of the most talked about Instagram brands…teaming up and collaborating with ‘Beauty Gurus’ such as Manny MUA and Kim Thai along the way. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Ofra know what to do and do it well. It’s established itself as an innovator within the beauty industry, formulating, producing, testing, packaging and shipping their makeup and skincare products…all in-house and only using the finest and most potent natural ingredients.

Some other ‘good to know’ things about Ofra Cosmetics –
★ Competitively priced, high quality products.
★ Cruelty Free
★ Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive.
★ Long wearing formulas across the board.

So, the main reason we’re here…the Blush Stripes Illuminating multipurpose highlighter*, let’s get in to it! Ofra Liquid Lipsticks* are by far one of my favourite formulas around! I’ll do a favourite shades post maybe soon? Insanely pigmented, smooth, long lasting and really comfortable to wear! I’ve been a fan for a while, so was excited to try some other products from the range and to see if they are just as good. Ofra’s arrival at BeautyBay was the perfect opportunity (see: excuse) for me to pick up a selection of their other products to try without hassle or customs (I’ve paid way more than my fair share of those recently!) charges. Keep an eye out for future blogposts about the other Ofra bits I’m trying out at the moment, but today, it’s all about the Blush Stripes Illuminating…here are the swatches, individual followed by a swirl of all 4!

The Blush Stripes come in 3 different shades, Coral and Terracotta (both matte and more actual blush toned) and Illuminating, which was the one that appealed to me the most. If you know me, you probably know my love for highlighters is real!

It’s a multi purpose thing of beauty that you can use as highlighter, blush or shadow. I’d probably mainly use the darkest rich bronze gold shade as eyeshadow only as I’m so pale, but it’s actually beautiful mixed with the white too! So yes, as well as the bronze gold, there’s a stunning pale white gold, a rose gold and a cool toned pinky pearl almost very light taupe shade. I picked this up mainly for highlighter purposes. The super fine high definition powder is packed with pigment and made with high-grade pearls…an Ofra exclusive formula that is soft and buttery, it blends on so smoothly!

It comes in a sleek black compact with a clear top. It actually has a compartment underneath which doesn’t contain a brush (no issue for me and probably most, as I personally tend not to use the applicator brush that comes with products anyway), but does have a mirror…which is pretty handy to have, however, in my opinion a slightly thinner compact would have been preferable, just for space/ travel reasons really but it’s not bulky anyway so that’s basically a non issue for me. Word of warning…maybe encouragement if you like your highlight blinding, ha ha, but this highlight is pigmented to the extreme! Definitely not a bad thing, but I suggest using a very light hand with this and building up your glow. I was hoping for good things knowing how unreal the liquid lipsticks are, but seriously didn’t expect the level of pigmentation and major glow this gives! It’s a proper wet look/ dewy finish highlighter, which I love!! I do like a decent level of glow, but equally don’t want to look like the tin man ha ha, so as well as only using a tiny bit, I tap off any excess and really buff it in to my skin with a small precise brush. With an intense highlight like this, you do really need precise placement to prevent over use/ an oil slick effect!

I can see this Ofra Blush Stripes Illuminate highlighter becoming a firm favourite. I love the texture, the pigmentation is intense and I really like the selection of colours in the pan. I’m impressed and excited to keep trying the other products and will no doubt share my thoughts! Do you have any current Ofra favourites or even a wish list going on? Let me know!

Lyd x



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