The INKEY List Review – Stand Out Products So Far (Affordable Cruelty Free Skincare)

The INKEY List, a British brand and another ‘The Ordinary’ esq, affordable, back to basics ‘hero ingredient’ products skincare line. I think that’s why I slept on this brand for so long, that and the fact that there have been so many skincare launches recently as well as me already trying a good bit and not wanting to add yet more steps to my routine or switch up without using stuff up first. My skin’s also on the sensitive side, so although I do try loads of different products…I do try and limit the amount of newness in any given time! This being said if something’s going to be really good and as affordable as The INKEY List products, I’m always going to try at least something be the brand at some point…that point has been for the last few weeks and these are my thoughts!

I picked up two of their products to start with, I was about to add some on to an online makeup order but just happened to spot the brand in store at McCauley’s Pharmacy while mooching in Mahon Point Shopping Centre (Cork). As well as in store at selected larger Pharmacy’s/ Arnotts, there’s loads of places you can shop The INKEY List online…Cult Beauty*, ASOS, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique…basically all the usual suspects. The two products I went for are Caffeine* & Hyaluronic Acid*…two serums that I always like to have in my skincare routine and two of my favourite skin ingredients…thought it best to start with the basics. 

I’ve spoken about buzz ingredient Hyaluronic Acid* loads before…I love it and find it really makes a difference to the texture and feel of my skin. I gravitate towards anything with Hyaluronic Acid in! In case you don’t know…it can hold up to 1000 times it’s weight in water, so plumps and hydrates. INKEY’s formula is 2% and is in serum form. It sinks in beautifully, leaves skin hydrated and fresh looking and ready for moisturiser. Great product, great price…I can see myself repurchasing this (unless anything similar catches my eye in the meantime). The packaging is perfect in one sense (lightweight for travel and recyclable plastic) but I think I do prefer the glass bottle/ dropper combo of The Ordinary products, mainly because it’s a little messy so potential wasted product and is harder to measure your ‘dose’/ amount you want to use. Aside that, well worth picking up and I feel like it would give anyone’s skin of any type a boost…an easy but effective extra step!

I have a deep love caffeine both in coffee form and for my skin! It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties de-puff, minimise dark circles (I definitely need as much help as I can get here…my under eye shadows give Uncle Fester a run for his money at times!), prevent damage from free radicals and generally gives you brighter more awake looking eyes. I use caffeine serum* minimally but over the whole eye contour area (right on to the brow bone too). It gives a smooth, hydrated base  to then go in with your eye primer/ eye makeup too. I use to love the MAC Fast Response Eye Cream (all those years working there, I’d use it in store, in my pro kit and on myself!) and was hoping that a cruelty free alternative would eventually come along and I feel it has! If anything…I actually prefer this one! The MAC Fast Response has a more silicone feel, where as this one has a thinner, smoother and more hydrating effect which I really like. It’s less than a quarter of the price (as well as being all importantly cruelty free) for the same amount of product. Love the lightweight travel friendly tube…no complaints here and this’ll absolutely be a repurchase! My usual coffee and a bit of this in my skincare routine has me feeling more awake and alive in minutes!

Have you tried anything from The INKEY List/ what else would you recommend?? I do want to try the Snow Mushroom Moisturiser at some point which sounds interesting and I’d like to  see how their Niacinamide compares to The Ordinary one!

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