Thinking Of Switching To Cruelty Free/ Vegan Beauty…It’s Easier Than You Think!

Throwing it back to a post that I published back in January for Veganuary. I just wanted to get this back up and easy to find as there’s another post is coming your way about the differences between cruelty free and vegan products (spoiler alert, they’re not the same and a product can be one and not the other) and other related beauty terminology broken down too.      

This’ a reference point for anyone wanting to make changes and switch up makeup and beauty products to cruelty free/ Vegan ones. It can feel daunting, but it’s really not especially if you know where to look and what’s good! This blog’s been a cruelty free zone now for well over two years and I’m so glad I made the change. It can be a gradual thing of course, don’t waste what you already have…instead use the time until you need to pick up another one, sourcing a CF/ Vegan alternative. At the start, the all or nothing approach could be really off putting/ sound difficult but we should all be judging less, celebrating the small changes more and educating/ helping our friends, family and others to make changes rather than shooting people down for trying you know? 

I hope this blog/ I am a useful reference point for all things cruelty free (follow me on Instagram for more and apart from here, that’s where you’re most likely to find me active day to day)…feel free to ask if you’re looking for a specific CF / Vegan alternative to any of your current makeup/ beauty favourites! I’ve been a Pro Makeup Artist for over 16 years now…there’s pretty much nothing I wouldn’t be able to suggest or easily find you a good alternative for at this stage! There’s already loads of product reviews on here, so use the search bar to find those and keep your eyes peeled for new CF/ Vegan posts (product reviews, how to’s, artistry and more) weekly (on Monday mornings GMT). 

I do want to mention a few of my own favourite CF/ Vegan makeup and beauty reference sites, that are great sources of accurate and reliable information for you to make your own educated decisions, product data bases and all kinds of useful stuff that’ll help you make the change and and make it as easy as possible for you!

▪︎ Logical Harmony    

▪︎ Cruelty-Free Kitty    

▪︎ Ethical Elephant 

▪︎ Cruelty Free International

There are way more, but these are a good starting point and worth checking out!       

Stick around for more cruelty free/ Vegan makeup and beauty content…as always I’ll be sharing favourite brands and products, both from a pro and consumer myself point of view as well as professional makeup tips, tricks and techniques! I’ll be sharing more of my favourite CF/Vegan YouTubers/ Bloggers/ Influencers (still hate that word!) and fellow artists too that are worth following and’ll also help you on your CF/ Vegan way as they did me! Are you cruelty free/ vegan already or thinking of making the switch??

Let me know if you need a cruelty free/ Vegan dupe or alternative, get in touch and help others out by sharing your favourite CF/ Vegan brands/ products in the comments bellow!

Lyd x 



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