Top 5 – Current MAC Obsessions!

Short, sweet and pretty self explanatory from the title…these are my top 5 MAC picks, available in store/ online now. Just things I’ve recently tried, loved and am enjoying at the moment. I do get asked quite a bit what’s good at the moment and what people should pick up, so here it is (in no particular order)…

So when I first got to have a play with the new Shadescents fragrances ahead of their launch back in October, I (like most others) was immediately drawn to the vanilla tones of Creme D’ Nude and Velvet Teddy (love them as lipsticks too!) or the sweet, easy to wear Candy Yum Yum. When I received Ruby Woo I wasn’t so sure, but gave it a spritz anyway…worse case scenario wear it for a day then never again, but it smells so good and I’m now addicted to its woody floral notes! As soon as you spray it, you get luscious wild cherry, rich hints of saffron and punchy pink pepper. I like how that although it does have floral tones throughout, they’re kind of more subtle and background elements, which is what I personal prefer as floral alone doesn’t really do it for me. My favourite thing about the Ruby Woo Shadescents is the base notes…woody, earthy and pretty sexy comes from deep red leather (the key note, which is for me, the main appeal!), Indonesian sandalwood and Mahogany wood. MAC describe this one as ‘bold, sexy, timeless’ and I’d agree. Saying this, it’s not overpowering either and in my opinion smells better the longer you wear it. The Shadescents are eau de perfum too, which means you use less and they last longer on the skin. Obsessed!

I’m a sucker for a good liquid lip…who doesn’t want stay put colour (pretty much until you remove it) and a soft suede like matte finish?! The Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are just that! The formula feels so comfortable on and the colour range has recently been updated to include new on- trend muted neutral and deep tones that the collection was lacking before. I love how there’s now cool tones too! The dark vampy tones are gorgeous, but my favourite shades have to be Flesh Stone and Cafe Au Chic (both beautiful ‘Greige’ tones which I love!) and Burnt Spice, which is just the most perfect nude. These wear really well, there’s no fading in the centre of the lips (annoying!) and eventual (albeit not much) fading is even and barely noticeable!

Lip Scrubtious are new sugar based lip exfoliators that gently buff away flakey and dry skin, leaving your lips super soft and ready for your favourite lip products. Especially good for liquid lipstick fans, the Shea butter and grape seed oil smooth and rehydrate lips perfectly. You only need a tiny bit and because the formula/ sugar exfoliants are really fine, it actually stays on your lips until you’re finished exfoliating instead of crumbling off, like some other similar scrubs do (so annoying!). It comes in 5 flavours, I’m using Sweet Vanilla at the moment, but all of them are so good! With them being so hydrating, you don’t have to use a lip balm after but I like to remove it with a tissue (they’re obviously safe, but not recommended as lick off as some others are) and apply a bit of lip balm, letting it sink in before blotting off the excess. Perfect pre lipstick routine.

The recent re- launched cult classic Strobe Cream is the same super hydrating and glow giving formula, but is now available in 5 pearl shades. As well as the OG which is now called Pinklite (in case you were wondering), there’s Goldlite, Silverlite, Redlite and Peachlight (which is the one for me at the moment, even though I’m pale, I love it’s warming glow and it livens up my pale skin a treat!). A hydrating skin boost, packed full of vitamins and green tea as well as light reflective pearl particles that lift, give dew and brighten dull or tired skin. A longtime favourite of mine now, I’ll always have a tube of this in my kit and in my makeup bag!

Extra Dimension Skin Finishes are just the most beautiful and blinding highlight you ever did see! They’re a liquid- powder hybrid formula that adds the perfect glow to your skin without being glittery or chunky. It claims to be long wearing up to 10 hours and it does last, it fades a little towards the end of the day, but it’s definitely still there! I particularly like the tone of Doublegleam for highlighting as I’m pale, but the slightly deeper duo chrome shades are perfect as a blush topper on paler complexions and a gorgeous highlight on darker skin tones. The super creamy powder can be buffed on lightly for a natural believable glow from within, or polished on with a firmer brush for see it from space illumination! Beautiful!

What are your MAC must haves of the moment?

Lyd x

*This isn’t a sponsored post and all opinions are my own, however most of the products were kindly given to me by MAC Cosmetics, all apart from the Extra Dimension Skinfinish…that was far too pretty not to own and was bought with my own money!



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