Updated Winter Skin Care Routine (30’s, Combo Skin & Cruelty Free)

I’ve written a good few skincare routine/ favourites posts over the last couple of years, but always like to keep it up to date as it changes so much…discovering new products or just as the seasons change, so does (/should) your skincare! So I’m going to share my everyday skincare routine/ current favourite products that are keeping my skin in check over the colder winter months. I know here is mainly about the makeup, but what’s good makeup if you don’t look after your skin?! You might know already, but if not…I have 30 something, generally combination skin (oily nose) but can get really dehydrated and lack lustre especially at this time of year! Let’s get straight in to it anyway…

✖️ Makeup Removers/ Cleanser/ Physical Exfoliant

Starting off with a consistent in my skincare routine for well over a year now, the Superdrug B Stubborn Makeup Remover (CF/ Vegan). It’s a super effective and fast acting dual phase and non greasy makeup remover (even waterproof). I use this mainly to remove my eye makeup at night (I like to use a separate remover for eyes as I use quite bit of eye makeup/ often use waterproof formulas) but it can be used anywhere. It’s really gentle so great for my sensitive eyes and takes everything off with ease and minimal rubbing!

Next up another thing I’ve been repurchasing time and time again and reaching for on a daily for the last year or more…Derma V10 Pure Effect Micellar Cleansing Water  (CF/ Vegan) which you can get various places online, but a 200ml bottle costs around £1 from Home Bargains, Poundland (I’m therefore presuming you can probably pick it up in Dealz for €1.50 ish if you’re in Ireland too? Let me know!) and Pound World meaning it’s easy enough to pick up in store. Sensitive skin friendly and free from harsh detergents/ chemicals, fragrance, parabens and alcohol! I know it’s the nature of a Micellar, but as well as being gentle this stuff’s like a magnet to dirt and makeup…more so than any other I’ve used before! It leaves your skin feeling clean, nourished and not stripped of moisture which lots of others can. I use this to take my makeup off at night mainly and anytime I need a quick cleanse.

I’ve also a massive fan of the Foreo Luna Mini Silicone Cleansing Brushes* and have used one for years now…I really notice the difference in my skin when I don’t use this (the only time I don’t is if I forget to charge it…which reminds me brb…and yes, I did actually just put it on to charge)! A single charge last months and it has a USB charger. Durable, hygienic and more gentle than a traditional brush one (also doesn’t need replacements heads…bonus) and is waterproof so I use this in the morning in the shower. It unclogs pores, gets rid of any product residue on the skin, refines skin texture, gives glow and it improves the absorption of skincare. This is pretty much a ride or die for me at this stage and although mine has lasted ages already (showing no signs of wear really either), I’ll definitely replace it when the time comes! I use it with any CF gentle non drying foaming facial wash I’m loving/ using at the time…ELF do a good one and Superdrug B. own brand too.

A product I can’t live without (there’s a lot of those here right??) has to be LUSH Dark Angels. It’s a physical exfoliating charcoal scrub…it’s pretty intense and smooths your skin like no other, but doesn’t irritate and contains hydrating ingredients (like cold pressed avo oil) to moisturise leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean but balanced and comfortable! It smells unreal and is my favourite way to wake skin up in the morning, most days (maybe 4-5 out of 7). If your skin’s on the drier side, I still recommend giving this a go but just maybe using it less. This is one of my long time favourites for how it preforms and its black too, what’s not to love?!

While on the subject of LUSH, I need to give a mention to their Ultrabland Cleanser. I’ve used it for well over a decade…it was first recommended to me by the lovely Lottie that I used to work with at MAC for years and who also before that worked for LUSH so had all the knowledge. Thanks to her, it’s been my moisturising, antiseptic and calming often problem skin saviour! I massage a small amount in and remove with a damp wash cloth mostly as a first cleanse typically if I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup or if I’ve been applying/ removing makeup a lot and my skin’s feeling stressed out. It gently melts away your troubles (or makeup) and soothes!

✖️ Toner

It has to be the Pixi Glow Tonic*! You’ve heard me mention this so many times on here, but it’s a total game changer…if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! It’s an acid toner (not as scary as it sounds) that exfoliates, energises and gives major glow. It doesn’t strip the skin, far from it…it’s gentle, hydrates, balances, refines pores and accelerates cell renewal leaving your skin looking healthier and smooth. I use this after cleansing but before the rest of my skin care am and pm. As well as a visible difference in clarity and tone, I find this helps makeup sit way better too…LOVE!

✖️ Moisture

As soon as I’ve cleansed and toned I go straight in with the Mabel + Meg Lumilixer* which is a hydrating vitamin c and Hyaluronic acid serum. I recently spoke about this in my current obsessions post and I truly am obsessed…it’s one of those products that I can’t see myself without now! For dull and dehydrated skin, it reduces fine lines and gives you a plumped up and more luminous look (and feel). I use this am and pm…at night, that’s usually all I wear on my face.

Daytime’s a different story all together…so I still go on with my Mabel + Meg Lumilixer, but then like to go in with extra moisture and of course the all important SPF! I can’t stress enough how important SPF is as part of your daily skincare routine and not just in Summer! My go to facial SPF is The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 which I wear pretty much every day throughout the year. It works as a moisturiser too and brightens, so it’s a great one product and go. I’m finding with the weather getting colder, I am getting a bit drier and if I’m having a drier day I go in with something a little richer (still lightweight and non greasy) with SPF instead…at the moment it’s Superdrug B. Radiant Day Cream. I’ve only been using that for the last few weeks, but so far am really liking it! There’s nothing to stop me using both of these together really (especially with both being pretty light on the skin) but I guess it’s more a case of keeping my routine quick and simple, so it’s usually one or the other.

I use 2 products on my eyes, sometimes one and sometimes both again depending how my skin is on the day. The one I always use, without fail is The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG*. It’s a light textured serum that brightens dark circles (I really need this!) and reduces the appearance of puffiness. The high concentration of caffeine constricts blood vessels to reduce discolouration and swelling and the EGCG (sourced from green tea) is anti-inflammatory as well as rejuvenating skin cells. You only need a tiny drop so the bottle lasts ages and I apply this under my eye and around the whole eye contour area. If my under eye’s feeling on the drier side I’ll then go in with a bit of my favourite ELF Illuminating Eye Cream over the top.

✖️ Lip Care

Short but sweet…don’t neglect your lips! Morning, night and throughout the day as needed! I don’t know if yours do the same, but normally from about late October onwards I’m in a constant battle to prevent my lips from falling off and getting super sore and chapped, so try and keep them hydrated as much as possible. My favourites are the Skin & Tonic London Naked Lip Balm Stick* and the Dr Paw Paw Original Multi Purpose Balm and I always have one, if not both on my person at all times! Both are CF and the Dr Paw Paw’s Vegan too.

✖️ Masks/ Extras

I love a good mask and when I’m being good/ remember, I’ll do anywhere from 1-3 a week. Depending how my skin’s behaving, I’ll use a mask to suit. I use so many different types and brands (CF of course) and love sheet masks for minimal mess/ ease and eye masks too actually…the ELF Hydrogel Under Eye Mask/ Patches are great to throw on while you do your eye makeup before an event/ going out! Some of my all time favourite and most used masks though come from LUSH. They do a mask for everything! Some of the best in my opinion are the Mask Of Magnaminty and their jelly masks, specifically FOMO and Just To Clarify. I also really like their Full Of Grace Solid Serum Bar …it’s great before bed if my skin’s feeling extra dehydrated/ I’ve been traveling/ too much heat/ air con etc, but I love it pre mask too…it just helps a mask work harder for your skin.

Last but definitely not least (’cause I spritz myself with these at any opportunity and I really feel they make a difference!)…hydrating facial spritz’s! Again Superdrug’s B. own brand do some of my fave CF/ Vegan ones  there’s a few options and I’ve used/ liked them all. I use them before skincare, after skincare but before makeup, during makeup, after makeup, ha ha… basically whenever the mood takes you to refresh your face/ makeup and add a moisture boost. I’ll also use them to dampen my beauty sponge if I’m not near a tap. You can also use them in place of something like a MAC Fix + to apply metallic eyeshadow/ pigments for an intense finish.

So that’s my current/ Winter everyday skincare routine. Sure I could add to it, or you might think I use 50 million products already…either way it works for me and I find it quick, easy and most importantly it’s effective! I’ll still switch up base (makeup) products, but sticking to something that works for me and adds extra hydration here and there means I can still wear all my favourite formulas without the fear of looking like a dry, scaly beast when Winter hits! As I’m getting older my preference are changing too…the more hydration, plump and glow I can get in to my skin the better…these allow me to do that without going oil slick!

What are your go to Winter skincare essentials??

Lyd x



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