What’s In My Everyday Melt Cosmetics Stack Pro Palette??

I’m obsessed with Melt eyeshadows*…but then you probably knew that already. Anyway…I recently added a few new shades to my collection (including the She’s In Parties stack FINALLY, I’d been waiting for a re-stock for way over a year! See the stack bellow, obsessed!) and feel like now, I finally have my perfect everyday palette! 

I love how all the Melt Stacks and single shadows are all magnetic and it’s really cool if you want to put together a couple of shades in to a custom stack to throw in your makeup bag or to travel with (the magnets are pretty secure in fairness), but on a day to day basis (and I use these shadows all the time…alone and along side other shadows/ palettes from other brands) I find the stack system a bit annoying. Only if you’re trying to find specific shades and fast you know? I picked up one of their Pro Palette’s ages ago, but put off filling it with not having all the shades I wanted and knew I wanted to include…but now I have!

The Pro Palette’s a beaut! It’s pretty big sturdy double sided tin, but then it needs to be to hold the magnetic pans (it is possible to depot them, but as I mentioned before I really like them as they are) and has the Melt artwork on the tin itself (so pretty!). It would still be good for travel in the sense that it’s secure and strong…if you have space to pack it, perfect! It holds 16 of Melt’s magnetic shades in total and has a foam insert between the layers to protect your shadows. I’ve got 15 shades in there at the moment plus one of the Melt mirrors to fill the last gap for now, unless I decide to stick in something else but I’m happy the way it is. I have more Melt shadows including the Gemini Palette and Twenty Seven Palette’s which I love, but the 15 current carefully curated shades are very me (neutral, grungy and mostly warm) and are absolutely everything I need day to day. The Melt Pro Palette’s currently only available from Melt’s website, as are the single shadows and limited edition palettes…but Melt’s core line can also be picked up (for all us non US people) at BeautyBay*.                   

So this is the Pro Palette opened up…as you can (kind of) see there are foam insterts in the tin itself to stop your shadows moving around and getting damaged. Theres also a sheet of said foam to place in between the two layers for added protection (not pictured, but you get my drift) once it’s closed. My shadows are so well used but apart from the odd bit of dusting you wouldn’t even tell…Melt shadows are super pigmented and a little goes a long way!

My 15 strong dream team! From top – bottom and left – right…

✖️ Rott (single/ Rust Stack) – earthy, dark chocolate matte brown

✖️ Meanstreak (She’s In Parties Stack) – deep, warm ultra matte plum

✖️ Skeleton Kiss (She’s In Parties Stack) – creamy bone with a peach/ rose gold shift frost

✖️ Blurr (single/ Dark Matter Stack) – light neutral caramel transition/ eraser matte shade

✖️ She’s In Parties (She’s In Parties Stack) – burgundy frost with flecks of copper and pink

✖️ Rust (single/ Rust Stack) – rich rusted brown matte shade with a burnt red undertone

✖️ Rubbish (single/ Rust Stack) – ultra matte dijon mustard shade 

✖️ Assimilate (single/ Gun Metal Stack) – ultra matte grey/ brown taupe 

✖️ Unseen (single/ Dark Matter Stack) – medium caramel brown matte  

✖️ Last Caress  (She’s In Parties Stack) – mid tone mauve/ taupe ultra matte

✖️ Love Sick (single/ Love Sick Stack) – ultra matte burgundy red (inspired by Melt lipstick 6six6)

✖️ Enigma (single/ Dark Matter Stack) – deep rusted red brown matte shade

✖️ Classic (single/ Rust Stack) – soft vanilla toned ultra matte base shade/ highlight

✖️ Harsh Stone White (single/ Gun Metal Stack) – glittery smooth champagne white gold 

✖️ Dark Matter (single/ Dark Matter Stack) – super pigmented matte pitch black


I do dip in to loads of other shades/ palettes, but it’s so handy to have my most used and loved spread out nicely…loads easier to work from! Skeleton Kiss and Harsh Stone White are really useful not only as highlighter shades, but as face highlight and topper shades too…they add a shimmer texture to the other matte shades if needed. I’ve got black, other deeper tones to get my signature grunge look and plenty of mid shades to blend out and bring everything together. 

Shop Melt Cosmetics at BeautyBay* or on the Melt website.

If you’ve got any questions or want me to do swatches or anything let me know! Also have you tried Melt shadows…which are your favourites/ go to’s??

Lyd x



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