Worth The Hype? – Surratt Relevee Lash Curler (& A Good Dupe If You’re Feeling Less Spendy!)

I’ve not only spoken about the Surratt Relevee Lash Curler* before, but also the importance of lash curlers in general! Apart from those of you lucky enough to be born with luscious naturally curled lashes (damn you people!), in my opinion everyone benefits from the eye opening, lash lifting effect of a lash curler!

For me personally, apart from maybe a similar reaction if I miss placed my holy grail eyebrow brush (I have loads, but the Anastasia #12* is fine like no other and I truly rely on it every single day!)…I’d be in the worst mood if I couldn’t use/ find my lash curler ha ha! Dramatic as it sounds, my lashes are pretty good in fairness, just so straight…I wouldn’t dream of mascara-ing without first giving them a curl, it makes the biggest difference to my eyes and eye makeup!

Yes the Surratt curlers are a bit on the spendy side and a bit extra as far as beauty tools go, but 100% worth it in my opinion! I used to use Shu Uemura’s cult lash curler* before the brand was pulled out of the UK market and was struggling to find something that lived up to it until I came across this one last year. It’s an award winning curler and comes from top Makeup Artist, Surratt Beauty owner and protege of the legendary Makeup Artist Kevin Aucoin no less, Troy Surratt…this man knows his stuff!

Surratt’s lash curlers are hand calibrated in Japan. Especially great for those of us with stubborn straight lashes, they give a fanned out and lifted natural curl that lasts! No right angle, kinky or (the horror!) broken lashes in sight thanks to the soft rounded silicone pads (you get a spare with each curler too), easy to hold/ use and a wider than average curl pad to catch every single lash whilst comfortably fitting the eye. I really like how because they’re that bit wider, they’re great for curling longer false lashes too!

I’ve only just replaced my first Surratt Relevee Lash Curler that I picked up way over a year ago, they last for ages! Available now from Cult Beauty* who also have their Black Friday discounts on at the moment (ends midnight GMT 24/ 11/ 17) in case you want to pick some while there’s money off…they also tend to sell out soon after they’re back in stock too, so grab while you can! Doe-eyed, fluttery lash perfection are what these curlers are about, I love them and can’t be without them!

If you’re thinking the Surratt’s aren’t for you or your budget pre Christmas, the only other curler (affordable or high end…I’ve tried so many!) that’s come close to being comparable recently is the NYX Cosmetics one*. It’s works well and for the price I was pretty impressed. I could say you get what you pay for here, but I’ve tried some way more expensive ones that have been rubbish, so if you are in the market for a new lash curler, but don’t have/ want to spend much or are new to lash curlers maybe give the NYX curler a look!

What’s your ‘can’t be without’ makeup/ beauty product that you use everyday and would be freaked if you couldn’t find it??

Lyd x



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